Piercing Prices

We offer a selection of jewelry types for each piercing. Your body piercing technician will recommend jewelry types and size for optimal healing and reserves the right to refuse jewelry types for specific piercings.

We also have a large selection of high end titanium, niobium, and 18k gold, specialty jewelry available for an additional charge. If a piercing is not on the list, call us. We may have forgotten to list it.

We reserve the right to refuse to pierce anyone for any reason we feel is appropriate.

Due to spikes in cases of COVID19 in our area, we have amended our process and prices for the protection of our clients and body piercing technicians. We have protocols in place to abide by public health standards. Please be advised that if you choose services involving oral or nostril piercing, there is an added risk. Each client assumes the risk involved with oral and nostril piercing during a global pandemic.


(**The following is a list of prices for piercing services for common piercings including basic implant grade titanium jewelry options **)


Lobes $65(1)/$100(2)

Lobes under 12/yo $50 for 2 – butterfly backs

Forward Helix $75

Flat $75

Cartilage/Helix $75

Tragus $75

Conch $85

Daith $85

Rook $85

Snug $85

Industrial $115

Anti-tragus/Surface Tragus $95



Nostril $75

Septum $85

Eyebrow $75

Anti-brow $75

Bridge $95



Tongue $95

Frenulum / Smiley $95



Angel Kiss/ Vertical Labret $95

Labret $95

Medusa $95

Monroe $95

Ashley $95

Snake Bites $180 (set)

Spider Bites $180



Microdermal $105

Navel $75

Nipples $65(1)/$100(2)

Madison $95


Male Genitals:

Dydoe $115(1)/$180(2)

Guiche $215

Hafada $115

Scrotum $165

Jacob’s Ladder $115(1)/ $170(2)/ $205(3)/ $240(4)

Prince Albert $215

Reverse Prince Albert $215


Female Genitals:

Christina $165

Horizontal Hood $165

Inner Labia $115(1)/ $180(2)

Outer Labia $115(1)/ $180(2)