Minors/Under 18

A word about Minors/Children

 Our shop has a policy of no one under 15 allowed. We do make exception for piercing younger people. We do offer piercing services for minors (persons under 18 years of age). WE DO NOT PIERCE INFANTS OR TODDLERS.

You will need your parent or legal guardian that has valid identification with you along with a birth certificate or custody papers that names that parent or guardian.

There are certain piercings we will not do on certain age groups. It is our choice as we feel it is best for healing and follows guidelines set in place by the State of Tennessee. We also assess individual anatomy to make recommendations on whether or not a piercing would be suitable and which jewelry option allows for the best healing.

We reserve the right to refuse to pierce anyone for any reason we feel is appropriate. We will not piercing anyone that cannot understand the process, make an informed decision, sign the consent form and take care of it themselves. So, no babies or toddlers– sorry.